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Polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace


Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co., LTD was established in 2004, which is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise re-established after the reform of kaiyuan chemical machinery factory. Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise, tieling shuangbai engineering enterprise. The company now has 20 engineering technicians, including 2 specially-appointed experts, 1 professor-level senior engineer and 5 senior engineers. 15 licensed welders; Have RT Ⅱ and UT Ⅱ nondestructive testing personnel, each 3 MT Ⅱ and PT Ⅱ each 2 people. The company has the license of design and manufacture of A1 and A2 pressure vessels and the certificate of ISO9001 quality system. It is a professional manufacturer of non-standard pressure vessels..



  • Hemp diphenol extraction equipment

    Hemp diphenol extrac

  • Physical microcellular foaming equipment

    Physical microcellul

  • Supercritical foaming equipment

    Supercritical foamin

    30mpa-6000l foam equipment20mpa-10l pilot foam kettleSupercritical foaming equipmentSupercritical foaming technology is a kind of new foaming technolo
  • Supercritical dyeing equipment

    Supercritical dyeing

    30mpa-500l horizontal dyeing kettle32 mpa - 500 l dyeing tankSupercritical dyeing equipmentSupercritical staining is a new and advanced technology tha
  • Supercritical drying equipment

    Supercritical drying

    22mpa-1450l carbon dioxide drying kettle20 mpa - 300 ℃ - DN650 x 3300 ethanol dry kettleSupercritical drying equipmentSupercritical drying technology
  • Supercritical extraction equipment

    Supercritical extrac

    35 mpa - 120 l extraction kettle35 mpa - 200 l extraction kettle35 mpa - 500 l extraction kettle52 mpa - 650 l extraction kettle35 mpa - 700 l extract
  • High pressure water tight equipment

    High pressure water

    10.5mpa-dn2500 x 2600 high pressure water tight test equipmentHigh-pressure watertight equipment is a device that simulates the pressure environment i
  • Isobaric pressure equipment

    Isobaric pressure eq

    22 mpa - DN1500 x 3500 pressure kettle, etcIsobaric pressure equipment, also known as isobaric kettle, is to use the pressure of high-pressure water t
  • Polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace

    Polycrystalline sili

    72 pairs of bar polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace60 bar polycrystalline silicon reduction furnacePolycrystalline silicon reduction furnaceThe

Polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace

Supercritical extraction equipment、Many years dedicated to the production and sales of non - standard pressure vessels

Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co., LTD was founded in 2004. Non-standard production pressure Container professional manufacturers, is a national high-tech enterprises, tieling shuangbai project Enterprise.

Supercritical extraction equipment、Focus on innovation and detail

The company's main three major products: supercritical fluid equipment, 

polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace, high Pressure reactor. Engineers

and technicians constantly innovate, pay attention to product details, and 

have strict  The process of quality control.

Supercritical extraction equipment、Customized to provide more satisfactory service

According to the customer's requirements, the company always insists on honesty.

Customer first service principle, product quality excellence, customer satisfaction,

It can stand the test of different users.



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Supercritical extraction equipment

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