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Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co. LTD

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Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co., LTD was established in 2004, which is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise re-established after the reform of kaiyuan chemical machinery factory. Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise, tieling shuangbai engineering enterprise. The company now has 20 engineering technicians, including 2 specially-appointed experts, 1 professor-level senior engineer and 5 senior engineers. 15 licensed welders; Have RT Ⅱ and UT Ⅱ nondestructive testing personnel, each 3 MT Ⅱ and PT Ⅱ each 2 people. The company has the license of design and manufacture of A1 and A2 pressure vessels and the certificate of ISO9001 quality system. It is a professional manufacturer of non-standard pressure vessels.

The company has five departments including technology department, quality department, business department, management department and finance department, as well as two production workshops of assembly and machining.

The company is located in kaiyuan city, liaoning province, 85 kilometers away from shenyang huancheng expressway, 110 kilometers away from shenyang taoxian airport, 6 kilometers away from the kaiyuan exit of shen-ha expressway, 10 kilometers away from kaiyuan west station of haida high-speed railway. Here climate four seasons clear, geographical environment is superior, traffic is very convenient.

The main production equipment of the company is: 3 plate rolling machines, 3 multi-layer integral wrapping machines, 7 50T double beam cranes, 5 X-ray flaw detectors of various kinds, 2 ultrasonic wave detectors, 1 magnetic particle flaw detector, many submerged arc automatic welding machines and heat treatment furnaces. There are welding laboratories used for welding process evaluation and welder training, X-ray inspection rooms for non-destructive testing of products, mechanical properties laboratory and chemical analysis laboratory. The company has established and improved the quality assurance system in accordance with TSG z0004-2007 basic requirements of the quality assurance system for manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance of special equipment and ISO9001 system requirements, which can provide users with safe and reliable quality products.

The company's main products are:

Supercritical fluid equipment: including supercritical extraction equipment, supercritical drying equipment, supercritical printing and dyeing equipment and supercritical foaming equipment, mainly used in high-end green extraction, preparation of aerogel nano-insulation materials, anhydrous staining and TPU material foaming and other industries. At present my company this equipment technology is in the domestic leading position, the highest market share. The hydraulic automatic quick opening device used in extraction kettle has the national invention patent.

The original polycrystalline silicon recovery furnace: the core equipment for the production of polycrystalline silicon, in which the largest 60 pair reduction furnace and 72 pair reduction furnace are developed successively by our company, with large output and obvious energy saving effect. Among them, 72 pairs of rod reduction furnace have the national utility model patent certificate.

Reaction kettle: including magnetic sealing reaction kettle, mechanical sealing reaction kettle and packing sealing reaction kettle, is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of reaction kettle.

Other pressure vessels: high and low pressure storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, etc.

The products are mainly used in the fields of new materials, new energy, medicine and chemical industry, food health care, environmental protection and energy saving. The materials of the products mainly include stainless steel, titanium, nickel, harth alloy, incrall alloy and monel alloy.

Our quality policy is to provide better products for users with strict management and better service for users with sincere attitude. Our commitment is to provide high-quality products and first-class services.

Our products are all over the country, and have been exported to the United States, Hungary, Vietnam, India, north Korea and other countries. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the country to visit our company, and are willing to cooperate in various ways.

Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co. LTD

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