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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Research on key technology of large supercritical extraction plant

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Research on key technology of large supercritical extraction plant

Date of release:2018-09-07 Author: Click:

With the rapid development of science and technology, the modern applied technology of new chemical, biological and pharmaceutical industries has become the development direction of high-tech enterprises in these industries. Solvent Extraction, which is closely related to biological technology and pharmaceutical industry, is a very important part of the chemical industry, especially Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) has become a priority development technology in petroleum chemical industry, biological pharmacy and food additive industries. Sfe.technology integration is the integration of chemical industry, machinery, instruments and other industries. The theoretical basis is the theory of supercritical co2 fluid phase equilibrium, which has been studied in the world and China for more than 20 years, and the mathematical model of supercritical co2 fluid extraction studied by the academic community. In recent 20 years, in order to make the application of supercritical co2 fluid extraction technology synchronous with the international technical level, domestic high-tech enterprises have gradually studied and applied a small scale and a certain degree of automation of supercritical co2 fluid extraction device. However, the current development situation is far behind the international leading level. Application in large scale, the industrialization of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction device, solve the supercritical carbon dioxide fluid phase equilibrium theory and extraction plant related pressure balance, the control of fluid motion, the problems related to material loading continuous extraction is to improve the supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction (sfe) technology is an important part. The key technology of the large supercritical co2 fluid extraction device studied in this paper is to improve the technical level of the industrial supercritical co2 fluid extraction device in practical application, and to improve the theory of phase balance and the theory of extraction.

In this paper, the present situation of the domestic large-scale supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction device, and make a comprehensive analysis of existing problems, combining with the enterprise development of supercritical fluid extraction plant, focusing on large supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction device of control system, high pressure vessel, fast loading, explorative study is made on several key technologies such as continuous extraction, mainly in the following aspects of research:

1. The characteristics of carbon dioxide were deeply studied, including the transformation from its boiling point to the supercritical point, the boundary condition of the gas-liquid mixing state of carbon dioxide at the supercritical state in the phase diagram, and the optimal temperature, pressure and time of carbon dioxide dissolution with solute in the supercritical extraction plant.

2. Established the mathematical model of controlling the movement of the regulating valve by PLC system in the high-pressure conveying process of carbon dioxide fluid, and controlled the device by using PLC system according to the mathematical model.

3. The automatic control system of the supercritical co2 fluid extraction device was studied to solve the flow rate and flow rate of the supercritical co2 fluid when extracting effective elements in the extraction device, as well as the problem of regulating pressure control in expansion, pressure transmission, PLC and upper computer communication.

4. Several design schemes of rapid loading and continuous extraction of extraction device are given, and the concept and process of continuous extraction of general device are determined.

5. The reference standards for the design of high pressure vessels of the enterprise are determined, which are selected on the basis of national standard GB150.

Supercritical extraction equipment

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Key word:Supercriticalextractionequipment,Supercriticalextractionequipmenttechnology,Principleofsupercriticalextractionequipment

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