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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Application of supercritical extraction device in food health field

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Application of supercritical extraction device in food health field

Date of release:2018-09-07 Author: Click:

Application of supercritical extraction device in food health field. As a green extraction technology, supercritical extraction has the following advantages compared with traditional extraction, organic solvent extraction and water vapor extraction:

1. There is no organic solvent residue in the extract, carbon dioxide can be recycled without environmental pollution, which is a green production process;

2. Carbon dioxide does not fuel combustion and is flame retardant, with good safety;

3. The extraction temperature is low, and the activity of thermally sensitive material will not be damaged;

4. Quick extraction, short time and high efficiency;

5. Cheap and easy access to carbon dioxide, low production cost;

6. Easy separation of solvent and solute. The separation of solute and solvent can be achieved simply by changing temperature and pressure. The application of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology in the field of health food has a broad prospect because of the above characteristics and advancement.

Supercritical extraction equipment

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