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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Co2 supercritical extraction

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Co2 supercritical extraction

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Carbon dioxide is a very common gas, but too much carbon dioxide can cause a "greenhouse effect", so it is important to make full use of carbon dioxide. The traditional co2 utilization technology is mainly used to produce dry ice (fire extinguishing) or as food additive. Now at home and abroad are committed to the development of a new type of carbon dioxide utilization technology ─ ─ CO2 supercritical extraction technology. This technology can be used to produce high added value products. It can extract materials that cannot be extracted by chemical methods in the past, and it is cheap, non-toxic, safe and efficient. It is applicable to chemical, medicine, food and other industries.

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Carbon dioxide in temperature above the critical temperature (Tc) 31 ℃, 3 mpa pressure is higher than critical pressure (Pc), under the condition of nature change, its close to liquid density, viscosity to gas, liquid diffusion coefficient for 100 times, and phenomenal ability to dissolve, can dissolve various material with it, and then extract the effective components, has a wide range of applications.

Traditional methods of extracting effective components, such as water steam distillation, decompression distillation and solvent extraction, are complex, low purity and easy to remain harmful substances. Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction is cheap, non-toxic, safe and efficient, and can produce very high added value products. Supercritical CO2 extraction can be used to extract the active ingredients from a number of plants that would not have been available chemically in the past. In addition to chemical, chemical and other industries, but also used in tobacco, spices, food and other aspects. For example, it can be used to remove the caffeine in coffee and tea, and extract the valuable components of allicin, germ oil, sea buckthorn oil, vegetable oil, and opium, atropine, ginseng, ginkgo leaves and yew. The following examples briefly describe the application of this technique.

Used to extract red pigments in chili peppers

The red pigment extracted with the supercritical method does not have any spicy taste. The by-product is mainly the capsicum. You get your money back in a year. Since 1991, 30 tons of capsicum red pigment have been needed in Japan every year for 30,000 yen per kilogram, with annual sales of 900 million yen. Chinese chemical methods produce 60 tons of capsicum red pigment per year, but the color price is too low and has hot taste, export is difficult. The application of pigment in China also shows a linear upward trend, so the production of pigment has a very bright prospect. In addition to capsicum pigment, the equipment can also produce turmeric, corn yellow, safflower pigment.

(2) used for extracting tea polyphenols from tea leaves

Anhui, yunnan, sichuan, hubei and other provinces are rich in tea, which can produce tea polyphenols and caffeine from the crushed tea leaves. Tea polyphenols is an excellent antioxidant, widely used in food and cosmetics and other aspects. It has been found that tea polyphenols have anti-caries effect. In medicine, tea polyphenols can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, blood lipids and anti-aging effect. The tea polyphenols extracted by chemical method are not as pure as the tea polyphenols produced by CO2 supercritical extraction method. Therefore, this project will have great economic benefits in areas where a large number of tea leaves are grown. Caffeine is also commonly used as a drug, which can turn what was once considered useless into a high-value product. Five tons of polyphenols can be extracted from 100 tons of tea dust, with an output value of nearly 10 million yuan.

Used for extracting flavonoids and lactones of ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo flavonoids and lactones were extracted from crude silver extract by supercritical extraction equipment. The cost of crude extract of ginkgo leaves is 18.6 million yuan per year, and the investment of supercritical extraction equipment and technology is 3 million yuan, and the output value can reach 29 million yuan. The investment will be recovered within one year with a return of $6 million and gross profit of $9 million in the second year.

Used for extracting osmanthus essence and rice sugar oil

If the oil is extracted with supercritical extraction, it can sell for up to $3,000 per kg on the international market. A 25mL bottle of perfume only needs 5-6 drops of osmanthus essential oil, can sell dozens of French, economic benefits are very considerable.

Rice bran oil leached by supercritical fluid is a very pure natural high quality oil. The sterols (up to 0.75%) contained in rice bran oil can be synthetized as sterols. The products include male hormones, female hormones, birth control pills, diuretics and anticancer agents. These products are of great importance and economic value in the pharmaceutical industry. The production of steroids worldwide is a $4 billion industry, and rice bran oil is the best source of synthetic sterols.

CO2 supercritical extraction technology has been used to produce essence and hops abroad. China has abundant natural resources, and supercritical extraction technology has great value of extension. Some mountainous areas with underdeveloped transportation are rich in special resources, especially Chinese herbal medicine. Handle these herbs, with a considerable device, and inconvenient transportation, such as to establish the CO2 supercritical fluid extraction equipment, in the mountains can be used to extract the essence of the most useful part of traditional Chinese medicine, which not only reduce a lot of transportation costs, and greatly increase the added value of traditional Chinese medicine, can produce more medicine and new product development.

Using CO2 supercritical fluid extraction technology at home and abroad at present, the available resources are: yew, astragalus root, ginseng leaf, hemp, sweet roe, the plant, ginkgo biloba, fritillary bulb zhang leaves, grass, eucalyptus, rose, jasmine, peppercorns, star anise, osmanthus, ginger, garlic, chili, orange, pomelo, hops, miscanthus, lemongrass, sage, rosemary, clove, cardamom, hippophae rhamnoides, wheat, corn, rice bran, fish, tobacco, tea, coal, oil, etc. Some research institutes, colleges and universities in Beijing, shandong, hunan, guangxi, zhejiang, jiangsu and other places, as well as pharmaceutical and food enterprises are actively carrying out research and application of supercritical extraction technology and have achieved a number of gratifying results.

Supercritical extraction equipment

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