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The broad definition of a reactor is a vessel that has a physical or chemical reaction

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The broad definition of a reactor is a vessel that has a physical or chemical reaction

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In the broad sense of the reaction kettle, there is a physical or chemical reaction vessel. Through the structural design and parameter configuration of the vessel, the functions of heating, evaporation, cooling and low speed mixing required by the process are realized.

Reaction kettle is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine and food. It is used to complete the pressure vessel of sulfurization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization and condensation process, such as reactor, reaction pot, decomposition pot, polymerization kettle, etc. The materials generally include carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel base (harth, monel, inconel) alloy and other composite materials.

Reaction kettle generalized understanding that has a physical or chemical reaction of the stainless steel container, according to the requirements of different process conditions of the container structure design and parameter configuration, design conditions, procedures, inspection and manufacture, test based on relevant technical standards, in order to realize the process requirement of cooling and heating, evaporation, low speed of mixed reaction function. Pressure vessels must comply with the standard of GB150{steel pressure vessel}, and atmospheric pressure vessels must follow the standard of NB/ t47003.1-2009 {steel welding atmospheric pressure vessel}. And then the pressure requirements for the reaction process are different for the design of the container. Production must be processed, tested and run in strict accordance with the corresponding standards. Stainless steel reactor varies according to different production processes and operating conditions, and the design structure and parameters of the reactor are different, that is, the structure of the reactor is different, which belongs to non-standard container equipment.


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