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There are many aspects to the operation of the reactor

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There are many aspects to the operation of the reactor

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High-pressure reactor is a kind of reaction equipment, which must be paid attention to when operating, otherwise the production will be forced to stop because of the damage caused by many reasons. There are many aspects to the operation of the reactor.

First, the reactor must be operated strictly according to the rules and regulations.

Second, before operation, it should be carefully checked that there is no difference. In normal operation, it shall not open the terminals on the upper cover and the contact plate to avoid electric shock. Pressure operation is strictly prohibited; In the process of nitrogen pressure test, observe the change of pressure gauge carefully, reach the pressure test, and immediately close the nitrogen valve switch; Temperature should not be too fast, pressure should be slow, especially mixing speed, only slowly rising speed allowed.

Finally, when the kettle body is heated to a higher temperature, do not contact with the kettle body to avoid burns; Cooling down after the experiment. Do not cool quickly to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature pressure. Meanwhile, unplug the power supply in time.

At the same time, care should be taken to maintain the reactor after use, so that the autoclave can have a better service life.


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