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Maintenance of high pressure reactor

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Maintenance of high pressure reactor

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Maintenance of high pressure reactor

(1) installation place: the reactor should be installed in the high-pressure operating room that meets the requirements of explosion protection. When multiple reactors are equipped, they should be placed separately. The explosion protection wall should be separated between each two units.

(2) after opening the package, check whether the equipment is damaged. Install the equipment according to the equipment model and the structure diagram, and check the equipped parts according to the packing list. If the heating method is heat conducting oil electric heating, please buy the corresponding type of heat conducting oil (note: the heat conducting oil is absolutely not allowed to contain moisture) and add it. Open the oil level at the upper part of the jacket and open the oil level at the upper part of the jacket. Fill through the oil port and wait for the oil level to flow; After the oil level mouth wring, do not wring oil mouth to avoid pressure.

(3) installation and sealing of cauldron and cauldron cover: the cauldron and cauldron adopt gasket or cone to contact with arc surface line, and screw down the main nut to make them press each other to achieve good sealing effect. When tightening the nut, it must be diagonally symmetrical, and tighten the nut step by step several times with uniform force. The lid of the kettle is not allowed to tilt to one side to achieve good sealing effect. When tightening the main nut, do not exceed the prescribed tightening torque range of 40~ 120n.m to prevent the sealing surface from bursting or overload wear. Special care should be taken on the sealing surface. Before each installation, wipe up the sealing surface with soft paper or cloth. If reasonable operation, can use more than ten thousand times. After the sealing surface is damaged, it needs to be reprocessed and repaired to achieve good sealing performance. When removing the cover of the kettle, slowly lift the cover up and down to avoid collision between the cover and the cauldron. If the seal is sealed with gaskets (tetrafluorine, aluminum pad, copper pad, asbestos pad, etc.), a good sealing effect can be achieved by tightening the main nut.

(4) the valve, pressure gauge and safety valve shall be installed by tightening the front and back nuts, so as to achieve the sealing effect. The circular sealing cover at both ends shall not be rotated relative to each other. Lubricant or oil-tempered graphite shall be applied to all screw fasteners during assembly, so as not to kill them. Use of valve: needle valve line seal, only turn the needle gently, pressure tight cover can achieve good sealing performance, do not force too much, so as not to damage the sealing cover.

(5) after the equipment is installed, a certain amount of nitrogen pressure is applied for 30 minutes to check whether there is any leakage. If any leakage is found, please use soap to find the pipeline and leak point at the pipe mouth. After finding the leakage, release the gas and tighten it.

(6) when cooling down and cooling down, water can be used for internal cooling through cooling coils. Quick cooling is prohibited to prevent excessive temperature difference stress, resulting in cracks in the coils and cauldrons. At work when the kettle temperature over 100 ℃, magnetic stirrer and the kettle cover jacket should be between cooling water, ensure that the water temperature is less than 35 ℃, in order to avoid magnetic steel demagnetization.

(7) safety device: positive arch type metal bursting disc is adopted and made of stainless steel. It is manufactured according to national standard gb567-89 technical conditions for arch metal blasting. It has been tested well when leaving the factory. If it has been exploded, it needs to be replaced. The term of replacement shall be determined by the user according to the actual situation of the user. If the explosion pressure exceeds the nominal blasting pressure of the bursting disc but is not exploded, it shall be replaced.

(8) after the reaction, first for cooling, and then the gas through the pipeline leakage within the kettle to outdoors, makes the pressure inside the kettle fell to atmospheric pressure, it is strictly prohibited to bring pressure to remove, then the main bolt, nut symmetrically to loosen, then carefully remove the kettle lid (or rising kettle lid) on the bracket, should pay special attention to in the process of unloading cover sealing surface protection.

(9) cleaning cleaning in the kettle: after each operation, use cleaning liquid (use cleaning liquid to avoid corrosion on the main material) to remove residues of the kettle body and the sealing surface, and always clean and keep clean.


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