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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Do you know the significance of cleaning polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace?

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Do you know the significance of cleaning polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace?

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Do you know the significance of cleaning polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace?

Oil, moisture, chlorine ion residues, metal oxides, chlorides, dust and other impurities have a great impact on the purity of polycrystalline silicon. Cleaning is very important in the process of polycrystalline silicon equipment manufacturing, installation and production. Different cleaning methods should be adopted for equipment with different cleanliness and different materials according to polycrystalline silicon production process.

Cleaning during installation of polysilicon equipment

Due to the medium characteristics and product purity requirements of the process pipeline transportation, there are high requirements on the welding quality of the pipeline, internal cleaning and purge pressure test, as well as the entry inspection, inspection, installation and internal treatment of the equipment. Therefore, cleaning treatment after the equipment manufacturing is of vital importance. In the early stage of the pilot production of the device, the system is injected with silicon tetrachloride for circular cleaning for about 2 to 3 months.

Cleaning during production of polysilicon equipment

Polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace and hydrogenation furnace are the core equipment for the production of polycrystalline silicon by the improved Siemens method. Polycrystalline silicon production is particularly critical to the cleanliness of the sedimentary environment of the reduction furnace. Any particulate impurities, grease and other substances remaining in the furnace will affect product quality. The automatic bell jar cleaning system of polysilicon reduction furnace can completely clean the bell jar of polysilicon reduction furnace to meet the production demand.

In the cleaning process of the whole reduction furnace, the micro-negative pressure state is formed inside the cylinder during cleaning and drying to prevent the overflow from washing. Meanwhile, pollutants from the base and the flange under the barrel are swept and discharged through the drain pipe to ensure that the whole process will not cause pollution to the clean area.

Polysilicon production process is complex, equipment cleaning can reduce energy consumption to ensure the quality of polysilicon products. Polycrystalline silicon production enterprises shall conduct reasonable and scientific management of equipment from the aspects of model selection, material selection and cleaning, and apply modern technology to complete cleaning, so as to give full play to equipment efficiency and create conditions for safe and efficient production.

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Supercritical extraction equipment

Supercritical extraction equipment

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