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Isobaric pressure equipment

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Isobaric pressure equipment

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22 mpa - DN1500 x 3500 pressure kettle, etc

22 mpa - DN1500 x 3500 pressure kettle, etc

Isobaric pressure equipment, also known as isobaric kettle, is to use the pressure of high-pressure water to shape and compacted the anti-corrosion lining of teflon, such as acid-resistant pumps. The higher the pressure, the higher the density of the lining, the better the anti-corrosion effect. It is mainly used for steel lining tetrafluoroethylene products, such as acidproof pump, anti-corrosion valve, anti-corrosion pipe, anti-corrosion pipe, anti-corrosion roll, anti-corrosion container, etc.

Isobaric kettle is a kind of high pressure vessel with quick opening. The working medium is water. Working temperature: normal temperature; working pressure: 20-40mpa; design pressure: 22-42mpa. The inner diameter of the container can reach 1000mm-3000mm according to the pressure, and the diameter and height should be determined according to the size of the workpiece.

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