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High pressure water tight equipment

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High pressure water tight equipment

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Detailed introduction

10.5mpa-dn2500 x 2600 high pressure water tight test equipment

10.5mpa-dn2500 x 2600 high pressure water tight test equipment

High-pressure watertight equipment is a device that simulates the pressure environment in the deep sea and conducts external pressure stiffness test and closed test on the equipment, devices, equipment and instruments in the deep sea, such as submarine navigators, deep-sea optical cables, deep-sea power equipment and deep-sea testing instruments.

The high pressure watertight equipment is a kind of high pressure vessel with quick opening. The working medium is water. The working temperature is normal. The working pressure is 10-60mpa and the design pressure is 10.5-65mpa according to the seabed depth of the workpiece. The inner diameter of the container can reach 1000mm-3000mm according to the pressure, and the diameter and height should be determined according to the size of the workpiece.

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