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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Supercritical foaming equipment

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Supercritical foaming equipment

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Detailed introduction

30mpa-6000l foam equipment

30mpa-6000l foam equipment

20mpa-10l pilot foam kettle

20mpa-10l pilot foam kettle

Supercritical foaming equipment

Supercritical foaming technology is a kind of new foaming technology developed in recent years, which USES supercritical carbon dioxide and nitrogen to inflate granular or plate-like TPU materials (commonly known as foaming). It is mainly used for TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber) foaming. It is mainly used to make the sole material of all kinds of high-grade sports shoes, and also can be used in the industrial fields such as packing material, cushion gasket, packing material, vibration damping material and automobile interior decoration material. This material has been widely used because of its high elasticity (resilience rate can reach over 61%), high strength, high toughness, high abrasion resistance, high yellow resistance, anti-aging, low density (0.15-0.25g/cm3), good low-temperature performance, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free process.

The supercritical foaming equipment is divided into two categories. One is particle foaming equipment, using supercritical carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water as working medium. Plate foam equipment mainly includes dry tank and nitrogen heater; particle foam equipment mainly includes foam kettle, receiving tank, carbon dioxide storage tank, high-pressure nitrogen storage tank and cooler, among which the foam kettle is the core equipment.

Plate foaming kettle is generally a horizontal container with hydraulic quick opening structure and safety interlock device. General design temperature is 150 ℃, 30 mpa design pressure.

Foam particles still working temperature 130 ℃, pressure < 15 mpa, 20 mpa design pressure, design temperature 200 ℃. Because it is gas solid liquid three kinds of material mix fully, need to use agitator device, general use magnetic stirrer.

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