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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Supercritical fluid equipment

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The company's main products are: Supercritical fluid equipment: including supercritical extraction equipment, supercritical drying equipment, supercritical printing and dyeing equipment and supercritical foaming equipment, mainly used in high-end green extraction, preparation of aerogel nano-insulation materials, anhydrous staining and TPU material foaming and other industries. At present my company this equipment technology is in the domestic leading position, the highest market share. The hydraulic automatic quick opening device used in extraction kettle has the national invention patent. The original polycrystalline silicon recovery furnace: the core equipment for the production of polycrystalline silicon, in which the largest 60 pair reduction furnace and 72 pair reduction furnace are developed successively by our company, with large output and obvious energy saving effect. Among them, 72 pairs of rod reduction furnace have the national utility model patent certificate. Reaction kettle: including magnetic sealing reaction kettle, mechanical sealing reaction kettle and packing sealing reaction kettle, is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of reaction kettle. Other pressure vessels: high and low pressure storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, etc.
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