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Kaiyuan chemical machinery manufacturing co. LTD

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Zip code: 112300

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A: to taoxian airport in shenyang

High-speed rail: to kaiyuan west station

Railway: to kaiyuan station

Company address: yimin village, yimin town, kaiyuan city, liaoning province

The cooperative enterprise

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Reactor application cases

1) in production of medicine, pesticide intermediates, such as dimethyl aniline six fundamental, etc., on behalf of the user are: dalian lu yuan fine chemical co., LTD., changzhou generative chemical co., LTD., Inner Mongolia macro yulin pesticide chemical co., LTD., jiangsu province shuangyang chemical co., LTD, lianyungang geil chemical co., LTD., jiamusi black dragon pesticide chemical pesticide factory co., LTD., hangzhou, zhejiang taizhou spring pharmaceutical chemical co., LTD., liaoning the star medicine co., LTD., zhejiang kuta pharmaceutical co., LTD., etc.

2) used in the production of dye intermediates, representing customers: dandong jinlong fine chemical co., LTD., liaoyang liangang dyestuff chemical co., LTD., jiangsu wujiang sanlian chemical co., LTD., dandong tangshan city dyeing and chemical plant, etc.

3) used in the production of catalysts, represented by: dalian university of technology leading group co., LTD., dalian institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences, yingkou xiangyang catalyst co., LTD., China catalyst co., LTD., dalian longyuan chemical co., LTD., etc.

4) it is used in the production of isooctyl alcohol, represented by shenyang zhangming chemical co., LTD., tianjin jinge chemical co., LTD., and hebei baoshuo co., LTD.

5) used in the production of sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, etc., on behalf of the user: Shandong shouguang jia xiang chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong futian pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., zhejiang kaihua huakang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., qinhuangdao le Hua starch Co., Ltd., Shandong big letter micro ecological industry Co., Ltd., changchun dacheng industrial company, Shandong state biological Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd., Shandong hundred dragon garden biotechnology Co., Ltd., northeast general pharmaceutical factory, and Shandong Longlive Bio - Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

6) it is used in the production of cellulose, representing the users: shijiazhuang jinhua cellulose factory, etc.

7) it is used in the production of rubber anti-aging agent intermediates, representing customers: tongling xinda chemical co., LTD., ningyang daohe chemical co., LTD., shandong Carlyle shengao chemical co., LTD., etc.

8) it is used in the production of m-benzidine, representing users such as shanxi linyi county xiangyu chemical co., ltd. and jinan runyuan chemical co., LTD.

9) used in the production of feed additives, on behalf of users: zhejiang aidia nutrition technology development co., LTD

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