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Installation and operation specification of high pressure reactor

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Installation and operation specification of high pressure reactor

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Installation and operation specifications

1. The autoclave should be placed indoors. In the equipment of multiple autoclave, should be placed separately. Each operating room shall have an outlet leading directly to the outdoor or passageway, and the equipment location shall be well ventilated.

2. When installing the kettle cover, the sealing cover of the kettle cover shall be prevented from colliding with each other. Carefully place the cover on the cauldron in a fixed position. When tightening the main nut, it must be tightened repeatedly and symmetrically. Force evenly. Do not allow the lid to tilt to one side for good sealing.

3. Where the front and back nuts are joined, only the front and back nuts are allowed to be turned. The sealing face of the two arcs shall not be rotated relative to each other.

4. Needle type valve is sealed by line. Only by gently rotating the valve needle and pressing the cover tightly, good sealing effect can be achieved.

5. Rotate the kettle by hand to check whether the operation is flexible.

Six, the controller should be flat on the operating table, its working environment temperature is 10 to 40 ℃, relative humidity is less than 85%, the surrounding medium not containing conductive dust and corrosive gas.

7. Check whether the movable parts and fixed contacts on the panel and rear panel are normal, remove the upper cover, check whether the connector contact is loose, and whether there is damage or rust caused by improper transportation and storage.

8. The controller shall be grounded reliably.

9. Connect all wires, including power cord, electric furnace wire between controller and kettle, motor wire, temperature sensor and tachometer wire.

10. Close the "power supply" air main switch on the panel and the digital display table should be displayed.

11. Set various parameters (such as upper alarm temperature, working temperature, etc.) on the digital display table, then press the "heating" switch, the electric furnace is connected, and the indicator light on the "heating" switch is on. Adjust the "pressure adjustment" knob to adjust the heating power of the electric furnace.

12. Press the "stirring" switch to energize the stirring motor. At the same time, the indicator on the "stirring" switch is on.

13. When the operation is finished, it can be cooled naturally, cooled with water or placed over the support. After the temperature drop, the pressure gas in the kettle will be released to bring the pressure down to atmospheric pressure (the pressure gauge shows zero). Then, the main nut will be rotated symmetrically and evenly, the main nut will be unloaded, and the cover of the kettle will be carefully removed and placed on the bracket.

14. After each operation, remove the residue from the kettle body and lid. The main seal should be cleaned regularly and kept clean. Hard or rough surfaces should not be allowed to be wiped.


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