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Supercritical extraction equipment

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Supercritical dyeing equipment

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Supercritical dyeing equipment

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Detailed introduction

30mpa-500l horizontal dyeing kettle

30mpa-500l horizontal dyeing kettle

32 mpa - 500 l dyeing tank

32 mpa - 500 l dyeing tank

Supercritical dyeing equipment

Supercritical staining is a new and advanced technology that USES supercritical carbon dioxide instead of water as the solvent for staining, which can thoroughly solve the environmental pollution caused by traditional water dyeing, and can save a lot of water resources and human resources.

Supercritical dyeing equipment mainly includes dyeing kettle, separating kettle, dye kettle, heater, condenser and carbon dioxide circulating storage tank, among which dyeing kettle is the core equipment.

Dyeing kettle adopts hydraulic or electric quick opening structure with safety interlock device. General working temperature is 150 ℃, pressure < 30 mpa, 32 mpa design pressure, design temperature 200 ℃.

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