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The value of the pepper extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction has thus increased by nearly 90 times

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The value of the pepper extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction has thus increased by nearly 90 times

Date of release:2018-09-07 Author: Click:

Chongqing business daily reported that the small jiangjin prickly ash has entered the world famous cosmetics brand - l 'oreal of France's perfume oil procurement chain. Compared with selling dried sichuan peppercorns, the value added of jiangjin prickly ash rose from 40 yuan per kg to 3,500 yuan. L 'oreal decided to order in bulk after three samples, the organizing committee of the 7th China hi-tech fair said yesterday. This is l 'oreal's first purchase of daily chemical raw materials in China.

L 'oreal used the CHTF to show the way

"L 'oreal took the initiative to contact us for purchase." Hu shilin, deputy director of chongqing daily chemical industry research institute, revealed that l 'oreal had been informed of the further processing project of sichuan peppercorns in jiangjin when it attended the 2004 chongqing hi-tech fair. At the sixth China hi-tech fair, four hills huajiao company signed an investment agreement with chongqing research institute of chemical industry with a total investment of 30 million yuan to jointly research and develop the downstream products of "jiao wang" brand zanthoxylum pepper series, such as essential oil, bath liquid, shampoo, acne cream and other daily chemical products. This project was included in the national "863" research plan.

L 'oreal contacted l 'oreal last year and asked for samples for three times, and sent a special person to chongqing for investigation. At last, l 'oreal decided to order quantity of zaowang zao pepper aromatic oil for the production of perfume and skin care products under l 'oreal.

According to officials in jiangjin city, l 'oreal chose to be the "king" because the essential oil of sichuan peppercorns extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology was recognized as a green product by the state and obtained a national patent. The product has antibacterial activity and natural fragrance, filling the blank of domestic products.

As a result, the value of sichuan peppercorns has increased nearly 90 times

For every 100kg of peppercorns, only 4kg of aromatic essential oil can be extracted, according to Mr Hu. According to the international market price, the price of fragrant essential oil of zanthoxylum is 3500 yuan/kg in general, in chongqing market, the highest market price of zanthoxylum is 40 yuan/kg. Calculate down, 1 ton Chinese prickly ash can produce 40 kilograms essential oil, process to become essential oil value 140,000 yuan, additional value is compared to sell dry Chinese prickly ash 100 thousand yuan/ton.

It is reported that if the production line of four sides mountain pepper company saturated operation, can produce 200,000 tons of aromatic essential oil, but at present has not mass production.

How big is l 'oreal's order? Four mountain pepper company said it is still in negotiations. Total purchases are expected to exceed 100 million yuan, according to people familiar with the matter. At present, jiangjin has developed more than 500,000 mu of pepper base, is the largest "pepper town" in the country.

L 'oreal was founded in 1907 by a French chemist, Eugene schurer. Its specialist laboratories in France, the United States and Japan have more than 2,700 scientists and technical support staff. L 'oreal's nearly 100 years of hair dye experience is an international hair dye authority.

Supercritical extraction equipment

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